Choice Geriatrician Australia

Aged Care Facilities

Geriatric medicine services often work in silos with little or no collaboration between facilities, medical and allied heath services.  This can result in dysfunctional, costly and at times ineffective care for residents.  Choice Geriatrician, on the other hand,  essentially embeds and aligns geriatrician input within the facility and organisation’s clinical governance framework.

Choice Geriatrician consultations lead to support and education on behaviours and can assist in helping to deal with the resident and support with staff professional development and dementia care upskilling.

A change in culture in residential aged care is needed with a focus on the purpose of care, not only about avoiding harm, but the wellbeing and the quality of life enjoyed by people in care. Choice Geriatrician can assist in defining what that purpose is and support the facility and staff to assist to achieve that for the resident.

Choice Geriatrician offers additional support on a regular basis to assist to reduce polypharmacy, falls, weight loss, restraint, and pressure injuries, supporting the facility’s Accreditation and compliance with the Quality Standards;

How does the service work?

Referrals are often completed by the facility, either by the Nursing staff or by the Choice Aged Care embedded Pharmacist.  These referrals will then need to be referred to the treating GP for consideration.  Often the resident’s family member may request the referral directly with the treating GP. 

These referrals are then forwarded electronically to Choice Geriatrician and triaged for urgency and for modality of consultation, either in person or via telehealth. The consultation will then be scheduled with the resident (and family) and coordinated by either the nurse or the Choice Aged Care Embedded Pharmacist.

The consult will commence with discussions with nursing staff +/- the site’s embedded pharmacist, and will be followed up with conversations with family members and the resident. 

Immediately after the consultation a brief consult note will be forwarded to the GP to enable changes to the care plan to be considered and put into place.  A normal review letter will also be sent after the assessment has been completed.  The GP will then change any plan of care, including medications and allied health services, associated with the resident.  The GP is always the conductor of the persons care and remains in control.

How do I access this service?

To access the service, send the GP’s referral to