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Choice Geriatrician

Delivering Quality Outcomes
To The Aged Care Sector

Choice Geriatrician is a subsidiary of Choice Aged Care, Australia’s leading provider of professional services to the aged care sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide aged care residents, their families, nurses and GPs with a readily accessible geriatrician service.  A geriatrician service that is embedded within and aligned to the aged care provider’s clinical governance framework relating to quality, risk and compliance.

Choice Aged Care’s integrated services

Choice Geriatrician delivers a high impact and coordinated service across Choice Aged Care’s 35,000 residential patients and 400 sites.  The geriatrician input and reviews come at no cost to the patient or care provider.  A Choice Aged Care health professional facilitates the geriatrician telehealth consult, ensuring facility staff can remain focussed on care.

Geriatrician Services

Geriatrician conducts a quarterly review on each resident deemed under chemical restraint

Geriatrician conducts a review on each resident who is reported under the QI Program’s antipsychotic criteria:
  • Antipsychotic reviews
  • Polypharmacy reviews
  • Falls with injury reviews
  • Physical Restraint reviews
Geriatrician conducts an annual review for each resident receiving an opioid.
Geriatrician conducts a review (within 24hrs) for any resident who has entered their end-of-life pathway.
Upon admission to aged care.
Following behavioural exacerbations or incidents.
Upon admission for respite care
All new antipsychotic orders prescribed by the resident’s GP will be reviewed by the geriatrician within 48hrs of that change. Includes PRNs and any dose increases of an existing antipsychotic.

Geriatricians - Join Us

We are recruiting a national team of geriatricians.

We offer flexible working arrangements, excellent remuneration and full clinical and administrative support.

You can work from the comfort of your home and choose your own hours.

We pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients, consumers and clinicians and place a high priority on quality of care.