Choice Geriatrician Australia


Despite clinical guidelines that recommend in-depth routine screening of older people, this does not generally occur in the Australian time poor general practice settings. There are a number of perceived barriers to implementing in-depth screening of older people in general practice.

Often patients come into general practice settings for a defined issue, these issues are addressed as part of normal clinical care within the time pressures of general practice.  Often it is acknowledged that there could be other underlying issues which require further attention, however these are often scheduled for another time, often these issues do not get followed up.

Annual health assessments are a very useful tool for GP’s, however these sessions are often only attended by the patient with their partner or perhaps one carer.  A review by Choice Geriatrician often is conducted with not only the family and their carer, but often involves the input of clinical staff (nurses +/- the facility’s embedded pharmacists).

In addition, Choice Geriatrician is funded by Medicare to spend the time to conduct an in-depth specialist assessment of the resident.  This provides the GP with an input into a revised plan of care moving forward.

Choice Geriatrician also provides an opportunity to leverage the service for those older persons who may come into Residential Aged Care for respite care.  This provides an opportunity to review that persons care, often faster than waiting through the public system.

How does the service work?

Referrals are often completed by the facility, either by the Nursing staff or by the Choice Aged Care embedded Pharmacist.  These referrals will be sent to you, as the treating GP for consideration.  Alternatively you can send a normal referral letter.

These referrals are then forwarded electronically to Choice Geriatrician and triaged for urgency and for modality of consultation, either in person or via telehealth. The consultation will then be scheduled with the resident (and family) and coordinated by either the nurse or the Choice Aged Care Embedded Pharmacist.

Immediately after the consultation a brief consult note will be forwarded to the GP to enable changes to the care plan to be considered and put into place.  A normal review letter will also be sent after the assessment has been completed.  The GP will then change any plan of care, including medications and allied health services, associated with the resident.  The GP is always the conductor of the residnet’s care and remains in control.

How do I access this service?

To access the service, send a referral to